Kate is an experienced and accomplished government relations and campaign professional with over ten years of experience in public- and private- sector outreach, relationship management, and strategic communications. Prior to joining Novus Group, Kate was the Director of Government Relations for Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, a fintech company based in San Francisco. Kate lead outreach and support for states considering, and implementing, retirement security initiatives for private-sector workers. In this role, Kate utilized her many years of experience in government and politics to reinforce the public-private partnership sought by the states and the financial services industry. As an industry expert, Kate has been a sought-after resource at all levels of government and industry. Kate's ability to identify and bring together stakeholders with a common purpose creates a recipe of expedited success for all parties involved; her intimate knowledge of government and the private industry makes her a true asset.

Along with multiple campaigns and ballot initiatives, Kate has had the privilege of working alongside Pew Charitable Trust, AARP, the states of California, Illinois, Oregon, Connecticut, Maryland, Washington, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Labor, Brookings Institute, and many private industry partners.