lauren perlik


Lauren is a Junior Associate at the Novus Group. Lauren provides communications, compliance, and fundraising expertise to the team. She also facilitates the Novus Group intern and co-op program.

Prior to joining the Novus Group, Lauren most recently worked in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom conducting policy research on gender-based violence and the Rohingya Muslim refugee crisis. Before her time in the UK, Lauren worked for the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, providing support to both the program and communications team. She created digital content, researched female candidates for office, and supported a successful public relations campaign for the Foundation’s research “Modern Family: How Women Candidates Can Talk About Politics, Parenting, and Their Personal Lives.”

Lauren holds a combined BA from Northeastern University in Political Science and International Affairs. In the fall of 2019, she is pursing her MA in Public Administration from George Washington University.

who is your personality doppelgänger?

My personality doppelganger is definitely Daria. My two moods are either these two quote by Daria:

“There is no moment in life that can’t be improved with pizza” or “My biggest fear right now is that I’ll wake up and this conversation won’t be a dream.”