Nantucket medical marijuana dispensary approved

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The Planning Board has voted to give The Green Lady, a proposed medical marijuana dispensary, a special permit, making it the first dispensary on the island with an approved location.

The Green Lady, which would be located in two buildings at 11 Amelia Drive, has already received a letter support from the Board of Selectmen, which gives the dispensary the green light to go to the state for further approvals.

Monday was the first time the dispensary went before the Planning Board, said board Vice Chairman Barry Rector. The process went fairly smoothly with little objections from residents, he said. Nantucket has zoning regulations on the books limiting where medical marijuana dispensaries can be located, and many of the arguments about them already occurred at town meeting, Rector said. The vote to approve the permit on Monday was unanimous.

The dispensary is the brainchild of Nicole and Rupert Campbell, a New York couple who have been coming to Nantucket for two decades and who were married at Brant Point. Their time there has created a special love for the island, Nicole Campbell said.

“I wouldn’t be interested in opening a dispensary anywhere else but Nantucket,” she said Thursday.

The dispensary would be located in a former dentist office on Amelia Drive. Because marijuana is still illegal under federal law, the transportation of the drug across the federal waters of Nantucket Sound is legally dicey. The Green Lady plans to also have cultivation take place on-island. Marijuana was legalized under state law in Massachusetts for medical purposes in 2012 and for recreational purposes in 2016.

The dispensary will “provide the highest quality of medical cannabis, with a primary focus on noneuphoric pills, oils, and salves,” according to The Green Lady’s website.

The Green Lady has emphasized security and included dozens of letters from neighbors and island residents in support of the dispensary included in a presentation to the town.

“The only members of the public to ever gain access to the facility will be patients with active medical marijuana registrations with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health,” the website says.

The Green Lady would be the first minority-owned dispensary in the state, Nicole Campbell said, and could be open by May or June 2018 depending on how fast they can get building approvals.

Mass-Medi Spa has also been working to open a medical marijuana facility on the island, receiving a host community benefit agreement and a provisional certificate of registration. They have not yet been issued a special permit from the Planning Board, Rector said.

Nantucket, like several communities across the Cape and Islands, has put a moratorium on recreational marijuana shops through the end of the 2018.

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