don't fear the unknown.
fear being unknown.

A comprehensive strategy for sharing your story with the world is arguably the most critical component of building a brand. When it comes to identifying out-of-the-box tactics to gain the attention of your audience, Novus has no fear.


Novus has a long track record of building distinctive, compelling brand messaging, particularly for those organizations who need to engage the public on a grassroots level.  Given our long history of using survey research, digital targeting and social media in addition to traditional press, we’re uniquely qualified to craft messages that work in today’s communications environment.  With political campaigns, start-ups, and companies seeking new identities, we can make your brand truly stand out or connect in authentic ways with your audience.  With established brands suddenly enmeshed in local community controversies, we can augment your existing brand with messages that resonate with the grassroots.  And with organizations suddenly besieged by crisis, we can help you manage your reputation with sometimes aggressive, sometimes more nuanced strategies. 

At Novus, we know brands matter and we’re here to make them stand out and withstand challenges. 



As one of the first firms in the Internet era to tap into the emerging fields of digital targeting, content development, and new forms of advertising, content is part of who we are.  From traditional brochures and direct mail to the most sophisticated digital campaign, we know how to do both the technical and creative part of the business.

We’ve been doing media relations since we first cut our teeth in politics 20 years ago.  Our existing team has done press relations for presidential candidates, local politicians, Fortune 500 companies and disruptive upstarts.

No firm knows more about applying creative, innovative techniques to handling the press and communicating and engaging with the public. 



Our firm is filled with professionals born in the crucibles of political crises and now skilled at applying those lessons to corporate and non-profit organizations, among others.

Our firm features people who have managed and fought through some of the most high-profile campaigns and crises in the region and the nation, from Joe Biden’s first presidential campaign (which ended in crisis) to Deloitte Consulting’s Massachusetts Unemployment Fund controversy.  We’ve learned over time how to apply our skills to the unique challenges now facing large, well-known organizations.

We know how to anticipate problems, plan for challenges, and address unanticipated media mayhem.  When the crisis hits, we know how to keep our wits about us and chart a course that helps you address the problem and protect your reputation.