You build the community,

we build the community support.

The Novus Group views real estate development through a different lens. Unlike other shops who work only on the official approval processes, Novus approaches real estate projects with an interdisciplinary strategy to build both community and governmental support. 

Novus engages communities.

With a background in political campaigns, our team knows how to cultivate grassroot support. Novus assists developers in targeted outreach strategies that cut through vocal opposition, identify community priorities, and create shared visions that can be built and supported.  Our team employs identification and contact tools like polling, microtargeting, direct mail, new media, patch through calls and tele-town halls to build support for our clients.

Novus makes places.

Now more than ever, dynamic development projects rely on placemaking and creative techniques to illustrate a project's potential. Novus conceptualizes, plans, and executes memorable experiences to assist developers in sharing their vision for the future of a community.

Novus builds consensus.

Novus assists clients in building consensus amongst elected officials and grasstop leaders.  We serve as the eyes and ears of the developer both in City Hall and within the community.

“Novus helped us engage and connect with the community in ways we could not have done ourselves, and the company’s campaign experience and grassroots approach was a great fit for us. Their outreach to folks above and beyond those typically engaged in the development and permitting process was of great value and made a difference.”

— Mark McGowan, Skanska Development