Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

Digital Communications

Digital Communications

Government Relations

Government Relations

Technology/Startup Consulting

Technology/Startup Consulting

Political Strategy, Crisis Management and Opposition Research

Political Strategy, Crisis Management and Opposition Research


Legislative and Regulatory Affairs

    • Creates and implements legislative and regulatory affairs strategies that inform, engage and influence government agencies and officials that control rule-making, policy decisions and legislation.

    • Develops, launches and oversees strategic public affairs campaigns.

    • Identifies, interfaces, and liaises with key elected leaders and regulators.

    • Our areas of focus include:

      • State and Municipal Government Relations

      • Public Procurement

      • Permitting & Licensing

    • Link to (a) DFER and (b) specific cannabis case study

  • Digital Communications

    • Develops and delivers digital communications message strategies that elevate and inform target audiences through the effective, efficient and engaging platforms.

    • Builds and tests distinctive, compelling brand messaging that will engage public-facing audiences from the grassroots level to the highest levels of government.

    • Refines and activates online campaigns that engage public-facing audiences from the grassroots level with the highest levels of government.

    • Areas of focus include:

      • Digital Brand & Message Development

      • Digital Content Ideation & Management

      • Geo-targeted Digital Platforms & Amplification

      • Paid Social Influencer Campaigns

      • Tactics include:

        • Precise survey research

        • Digital targeting

        • Digital activation

        • Video production

        • Infographics

        • Live stream engagement

        • Paid social media advertising

        • Social media community management

        • Social media monitoring

        • Targeted influencer conversion

        • Audience/user tracking (sentiment/perception/message penetration)

    • Link to Mass Dental Society and Vineyard Wind case studies.

  • Government Relations

    • Leverages key networks of bipartisan officials at regional, state and local levels of government.

    • Connects clients with elected officials and administrators who shape public policy, define/oversee regulations, and define emerging, innovative areas of government activity.

    • Provides understanding and insight about complex legal, regulatory, and political matters.

    • Our areas of focus include:

      • State & Local Lobbying

      • Issues Management & Monitoring

      • Grants & Public Funding

    • Link to (a) USQ and (b) TBD (Ameresco?) case study

  • Technology/Startup Consulting

    • Delivers cogent and effective strategies to disruptive and emerging start up technology companies.

    • Understands potential regulatory barriers to entry or interference with goal of avoiding or mitigation expensive mitigation.

    • Provides careful, comprehensive plans for new market entrants that help them understand, shape and preempt potential legal and regulatory issues.

    • Ensures fair and predictable business environments for industry sectors that feature established and entrenched incumbents with longstanding government relationships.

    • Our areas of focus include:

      • Stakeholder Activation

      • Grassroots Lobbying

      • Online Petitions

      • Consumer/User Campaigns

      • Partnership/Coalition Building

      • Relationship marketing

    • Link to (a) Airbnb and (b) Spin case study

  • Political Strategy, Crisis Management and Opposition Research

    • Possesses deep, bipartisan understanding of political campaign strategy, with more than a century of experience on hundreds of successful campaigns across the United States at every level of government.

    • Utilizes cutting edge strategies to coalesce broad support around controversial proposals.

    • Provides proprietary public opinion survey tools, including ownership of historic voter data used by New England’s most respected pollsters and survey research companies.

    • Offers full suite of opinion research services, including survey creation, data collection, topline/crosstabulation/data mining analysis, focus group management, multi-stage (cluster) sampling, and message testing.

    • Our areas of focus include:

      • Public Opinion Surveys

      • Stakeholder and Media Relations

      • Crisis Management

      • Reputation Management

      • Campaign Management

      • Direct Mail Management

      • Voter Demographic Analysis

      • Microtargeting Suite, including Hustle technology (text messaging), Catalist (progressive Democratic database of issue advocates and organizers) and CoUrbanize (online platform for real estate development)

    • Link to (a) TBD and (c) TBD case study