operative style tactics that work.

Campaign Management

Novus professionals have led hundreds of successful campaigns across the country, and we know what it takes to achieve victory. Our team utilizes cutting edge strategies to coalesce support around controversial topics, including Hustle to solicit support via text message and CoUrbanize to garner consensus on development projects.

Direct Mail

Novus professionals create online and print design content for political, non-profit and corporate clients. Our award-winning design team can create or transform run of the mill campaign pieces into interesting, interactive content that catches the eye, persuades and motivates your audience. 


Novus’ proprietary microtargeting and voter demography tools enable us to identify traits at the record-by-record level. As opinions are identified and built into Novus’ statistical model, we can predict how individuals who have not been contacted will ultimately behave. This process allows campaign voter contact efforts to focus only to those most likely to be supportive and those most likely to be persuaded by a campaign’s message.


The Novus team provides data to many of the region's most well respected pollsters and survey research companies. We offer a full suite of polling services from data collection to results analysis and insight.  Our approach helps you to understand where you are and where you need to go.

Digital Strategies

The most successful digital marketing strategies are precisely targeted at the correct audience and fully integrated with other media. At Novus, we successfully manage digital services including advertising design, media buys, advocacy platforms, and audience segmentation.