Tara Bartley


Tara demonstrates extensive experience within the fields of higher education and nonprofit development. Her comprehensive background in project management, community development and strategic planning adds structural value to the organizations she serves.  Most recently, she held positions at Harvard University and Boston College. 

Tara contributes great efficiency in staff development, integrative communication and assessment.  With a strong background in Title IX compliance and housing management, Tara prioritizes creating a safe and inclusive learning environment that benefits internal infrastructure to produce quality driven client support.  

While she’s still a wicked proud Maine-ah, Tara held an internship at the MA Statehouse and immediately fell in love with how the state makes decisions and tremendous respect for the people who make them.  She is committed to building, developing and supporting community based initiatives that improve the quality of life for those fortunate enough call Boston home. 

She holds a MA in Higher Education from Boston College and BA in Political Science from Merrimack College. With additional coursework in Mental Health Counseling and Business Administration. 

who is your personality doppelgänger?

Tara’s personality doppelganger is her 75 pound goldendoodle, Gracie. Most find her overexcitement about food and willingness to learn new tricks endearing. Her unwavering commitment to those around her is unparalleled but, may be persuaded by bacon and long distance runs.