novus (m): new; unusual; extraordinary; the root of innovation

The Novus Group provides strategic consulting services to government and commercial clients. The firm was founded by Frank Perullo and Paul Scapicchio, a partnership that dates back to the late 1990s when the two created and implemented a data-driven outreach strategy utilizing campaign management software that lead to a first time challenger unseating a popular incumbent. To this day, the firm’s unique strength lies in its continuing development of innovative solutions that provide clients with the extra edge they need to achieve victory. 

The word Novus forms the root of the word innovation, and it underlies our approach to problem solving and serving our clients.  As a start-up firm that gained a foothold from campaign-style hustle, our team thrives when developing untraditional, innovative solutions to common problems. We aren't afraid to take risks, and as a result, we reach and engage stakeholders in ways that others can't. Utilizing new and cutting edge technology and techniques,  we assist our clients in building consensus, overcoming opposition and ultimately, achieving their goals efficiently and effectively.