The Novus Group is an independent public affairs firm based in Boston, MA that specializes in delivering innovative solutions that achieve unparalleled results.

novus (m): new; unusual; extraordinary; the root of innovation

Founded by Frank Perullo and Paul Scapicchio, The Novus Group is a leading New England Public Affairs agency that creates and implements data-driven outreach strategies that inform the revolutionary and innovative solutions we offer to clientele.

Motivated by a singular focus on client outcomes, The Novus Group provides strategic consulting services to economic innovators, industry disrupters, business leaders and more. We fully understand the legislative, regulatory and public opinion challenges and opportunities that power the 21st Century economy. Specializing in issues campaigns and management, strategic communications, coalition management, relationship marketing, lobbying and digital communications, the Novus Group offers clients an unrivaled network of government, commerce, and non-profit connections, a unique blend of subject expertise, and a 20+-year track record of remarkable outcomes.  

The Novus Group reaches and engages stakeholders in ways others can’t. The Novus Group utilizes the most advanced technology and techniques to build consensus, overcome opposition and achieve goals efficiently and effectively. 

The Novus Group, where nothing is more important than your objective.